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Adjunct Contract/CGU Faculty Overload Form Attached please find the Adjunct Contract/CGU Faculty Overload Form If you have any questions or need help filling out this form, please e-mail: ProvostAdmin@cgu.edu. All ... Academic Affairs 09/2015 09/2015
Alleged Misconduct of Research Guidelines 1. Introduction 1. General Policy Claremont Graduate University is responsible for the integrity of the research conducted at the University. As a community of scholars, ... Academic Affairs 03/2015 03/2015
Annual Faculty Reviews Annual Faculty Review Purpose CGU expects that all faculty members conscientiously and with professional competence discharge the duties appropriately associated with their positions. In order ... Academic Affairs 09/2018 09/2018
Awarding Degrees Thrice Annually Degrees are awarded thrice annually (September, January and May), although the ceremony will occur only in May. Faculty will approve the September list at the ... Academic Affairs 07/2015 07/2015
CGU Mission and Credo The mission of Claremont Graduate University is to prepare a diverse group of outstanding individuals to assume leadership roles in the worldwide community through research, ... Academic Affairs 09/2015 09/2015
CGU Policy Regarding Dissertations 1. Dissertation Committee 1. Each dissertation committee will consist of at least three members drawn from the core or research CGU faculty or the Claremont ... Academic Affairs 08/2015 08/2015
Claremont Graduate University Description and Division of Responsibilities for Summer Session DESCRIPTION Summer Modules Summer session for programs other than Teacher Education are offered in two seven-week modules. Module I generally begins the Monday after commencement ... Academic Affairs 07/2015 07/2015
Claremont Graduate University Faculty Grievance Procedures PURPOSE OF PROCEDURES 1. Claremont Graduate University (CGU) is committed to creating and maintaining a community where students, faculty, administration, and staff can work together ... Academic Affairs 07/2018 07/2018
Claremont Graduate University Teach-Out Plans and Agreements Policy Teach-Out Policy Claremont Graduate University intends for all University degree programs to remain viable for long periods of time. If a decision is reached by ... Academic Affairs 04/2017 07/2018
Collective Dialogue on Strategic Planning Committee The purpose of this statement is to reach explicit understandings about the emerging pattern of collective consultation between the Provost and the Center/School Directors as ... Academic Affairs 07/2015 07/2015
Consortial Survey Policy and Procedures 1. Rationale for the Policy Students, faculty and staff are frequently asked to participate in surveys for their own individual campus as well as the ... Academic Affairs 11/2017 11/2017
Constitution of the Claremont Colleges AMENDED AND RESTATED CONSTITUTION OF THE CLAREMONT COLLEGES (Approved August 2017) ARTICLE I.CONSTITUENT INSTITUTIONS Pomona College, Claremont Graduate University, Scripps College, Claremont Mc Academic Affairs 09/2018 09/2018
Continuing Review of School and Departments Annual Program Reviews: In addition to the Decennial Review, the performance of each school and each unaffiliated department shall be reviewed annually by the Provost. ... Academic Affairs 07/2015 07/2015
Course Schedule NUMBERING The course numbering system at CGU includes the following numbering sequences: 0 - 199: Undergraduate or preparatory course work which is not counted toward ... Academic Affairs 08/2015 08/2015
Criteria for Establishment and Review of Institutes at CGU MISSION The purpose of the institute should be clearly stated and should be compatible with the mission of Claremont Graduate University. REPUTATION The institute must ... Academic Affairs 07/2015 07/2015
Date by which Grades are to be Received Grades are due in the Registrar's Office by 5:00 p.m. on the Tuesday following the last day of the term as published in the annual ... Academic Affairs 08/2015 08/2015
Development Funds Policy\Implementation Guides 1. School deans will meet annually with the Provost, the Vice President for Advancement, and Vice President for Finance to jointly establish the annual, overall ... Academic Affairs 07/2015 07/2015
Emeritus Status Definition Emeritus status is a title of privilege that entitles the bearer to have continued access to University facilities and to have an office on ... Academic Affairs 03/2015 07/2018
Expectations of Academic Departments Every department should have: 1. A competitive distinctive niche, including the potential to attract a sufficient number of well-qualified students. 2. A "critical mass" of ... Academic Affairs 07/2015 07/2015
Faculty Bylaws I. Composition 1. The Claremont Graduate University Faculty shall consist of three general categories of membership, each having its own responsibilities and entitlements. 2. The ... Academic Affairs 07/2018 07/2018